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Welcome to the Majical Store. I'm glad you're here as our page is changing with new products for our customers, clients and fans alike.

We're featuring our CD's, tees, rap beats, ear training, guitars, and other products for you. Not only will I be promoting Majical products but also other peoples products I like too. These products have you in mind and are made specifically for our fans and like-minded musical artists.

When you scroll down past the t-shirts and hats you'll find new educational products for every musician's needs, including HIP HOP BEATS and how to create them, with more products being added in the following weeks.

Our tee shirts are Hanes quality 100% cotton tee's, tanks, and baseball/trucker caps with the colorful Majical Logo on the front. Also our first music CD, Organic Fuzz, is available now and soon our next CD will be offered.

We want your shopping with us to be an easy and pleasant experience. If there are combinations below that are not exactly what you need, or if there is something specific you search for, please email me with what you are looking for and I'll try to put a custom package together. This is a service I provide any time of the year and with no extra cost to you.

Plus 50% of the proceeds go to the new non profit organization created by Jorge called the "United Arts Movement International", Inc. here in Redding. This organization was created in order to provide a sanctuary of art education for all our youth as well as the young at heart. It also provides our youth with Artistic Creative Expression giving them an outlet to learn how to express their emotions in a positive manner no matter what their situation is like.

Our meeting room is held at St. Joseph's hall downstairs under the main church every FOURTH MONDAY of every month. All donations are appreciated and to find out more, email me and I will send you information and/or CLICK HERE ON UAMI and visit the website. Also all donations or products sold here are tax deductible but ask your tax consultant about this to be better informed.

So I look forward to serving your musical, artistic and dancing needs and please check back from time to time as we update all the pages often. Enjoy your stay and see you at the next gig.

The Majical CD: "Organic Fuzz"


Majical CD: Organic Fuzz
Price: $10.00

Let everyone around the WORLD enjoy the true meaning of FUZZ

  • Organic Fuzz

Available As an MP-3 download 24/7.


You Can Click on the Song and Listen to the Music Clip:

  1. Love to Dance
  2. Presence de Angelitos
  3. Mi Alma
  4. Flowa
  5. Cumbia del Sol
  6. My Prayer

If you liked what you heard and you're ready to buy the Album CD "Organic Fuzz" then click on the PayPal or SafePay buttons.

It's done with three easy steps. . .

  1. Buy securely with PayPal or Safe Pay; the Industry Standards.
  2. You'll be taken to the orders page where you are instructed to receive your passwords
  3. Afterwards you are directed to your download page with full instructions to CLAIM your CD.
And when you buy, you will receive three extra songs. Discover what they are by ordering your CD today.

50% of all proceeds help the initial stages of the United Arts Movement International, a Non Profit Organization created by Jorge Arguello helping our youth infuse and create art in their lives giving them the key to manifest positive expression to any challenge.

Majical Tee Shirt
Show off the Majical stuff with this logo on the front tee. These are so cool and they get softer with every wash. 100% high quality cotton. Look great!

Plus Shipping and Handling.

Woman's Tank Top
A curvy design accentuating your shape. Logo on the front, 100% very high quality cotton. In fact it is the Hanes Silver for Her brand. Very soft and sexy.
Plus Shipping and Handling.

A MAN'S Tank Top
Logo on the front, 100% very high quality cotton. These look good and feel good, and the fit is just right, you dig?
  Majical Man's Tank Top
Plus Shipping and Handling


Majical Baseball Cap
A trucker's hat, this baby has a pretty good sized bill, shadowing and protecting more of your face from the sun. Looks good on the ladies too with their ponytails hanging out the back and all. Very comfortable. Ten-four rubber ducky.
Plus Shipping and Handling.

Pure Pitch Method
The Pure Pitch Method - Perfect Pitch Ear Training. Learn To Master Absolute Pitch And Relative Pitch With This Amazing Course. Perfect For Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Singing, Vocals, Music Appreciation And So Much More ...

Click Here!

Hip Hop Beats
Finally, step by step training VIDEOS and E-BOOK guide that lets you discover how to make Hip Hop beats like a Pro!

Click Here!

The Guitar Tutor Pro
Learn the most PRIZED GUITAR PLAYING TECHNIQUES from a trained pro and impress your family and friends with your new found skills.

Click Here!



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