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A Nica Latino Rock Cumbia Band True to Their Familia Roots
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The Band. The Music. The Performance.

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Who And What Is Majical?

Majical, pronounced ma-he-cal. A play on the spanish word for magical. The members are Jorge Arguello, bandleader, singer-songwriter, guitarist/multi instrumentalist and composer/arranger, Scott Ciucci, drummer, co-arranger and background vocals, Jeff Duart, bass player and Joe Furnari, conguero/percussionist and background vocals. Also in the line-up is Dave Reynolds, master at the keyboard position and jazz/rock artist in his own right.

This is a band whose music evokes emotions of having fun and images of family celebrations. The rhythmic, latino flavored music conjures the people's urge to dance evidenced by women and men sensually moving to the sway of the music like cobras intertwined. This is who we are and what we do. The beat of the drums, congas and the searing melodies and rhythms of guitars, bass, saxophone and keyboards, together creating the Majical sound. What sets this band apart from the rest? Read what others have to say.

Unfortunately, from now on the government agency known as the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission, aka BIG BROTHER is forcing entrepreneurs into not allowing their, or mine, customers or clients to tell me how much they enjoyed our product. That is known as a TESTIMONIAL. Yep, we cannot display them anymore . . . Thank you BIG BROTHER, you PUTZ!!

It happens at every gig and those feelings ring true for all that come to enjoy the majical musical experience. From babies, 2 and 3 year olds who wiggle and twirl around, and to the very mature in their seventies and beyond. They feel the beat too. It's inherent in all of us.

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The Organic Fuzz CD

To listen to the Pavan Classical Guitar, hear snippets of our music, and to order our new release ORGANIC FUZZ, please click here.

News Clippings
Three different articles written about Majical during 1997 and 1998. The D.A.T.E., a major entertainment magazine of the Record Searchlight Newspaper published a featured article written by Jon Lewis, then an article in The Free Press written by Larry Wright, and an article in the After Five Magazine, another entertainment magazine, written by Craig Harrington.

What Majical exudes is fun. It's in their music, their presence on stage and they share that fun with the audience. The songs are written by Jorge Arguello, leader of the band, arranged by him but with the band's input the music is ultimately shaped, tweaked and honed.

Then before presenting it to the public, to their fans, Majical finally adds the mojo that puts the voodoo, the majica, into those songs.

Majical is a melting pot of many styles and rhythms. World beat? Perhaps, but it is a combination of Musica Latina and hard-edged rock with attitude. It is cumbias and mambos blended with rhythm and blues. It is latin jazz with soft sambas and boleros stirred in with a dash of what they call edgy, Nica music. Yes, Majical plays a few classic rock covers but they just play it their way. Majical is unique and that's what sets them apart from the rest.

What We Have Done

Majical has played for eight years in the Redding area. Each member of the band has a musical history of either blues, funk, latin, country, rock and roll, rock, or combinations thereof, and experience that adds up to a hundred plus years. Apart, they have played in places like Wisconsin, Hawai'i, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and little podunk towns scattered throughout the mountains. Together, they have played the club scene in Redding and its outlying areas. Yes, they have played a multitude of smaller events throughout the north state area of California, but they have played some major festivals too.

The Places We Have Played.

Majical opened for Laura Love at Redding's Marketfest 1999. They have opened for bands like EEK A Mouse and Strictly Roots at the World Beat Festival in Mt. Shasta, California. They were in the line-up at the Tribal Stomp festival leading up to the headliners Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Ulali in Hayfork, California. They have headlined numerous concerts like the Burney Falls Big Basin Days which drew a crowd of thousands, the largest crowd Burney ever had. Majical was a featured band at the 2001 Kool April Nites, the biggest hot rod car show in Northern California. They headlined the Hops and Bops Micro Brew Festival for 6 years running, where in 2004, Allison Scull and Victor Martin opened for them.

Where Else?

And just a few more places Majical played in 2004: Win-River Casino, Rolling Hills Casino, Turtle Bay Exploratorium, Mt. Shasta City Park, several fundraisers including The River Exchange, The Redding Convention Center, and more.

Majical has always played countless private parties, weddings and fundraisers as well as holiday events like Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Spring Flings just to name a few. They have played the smaller festivals like the Blackberry Festival and Earth Day Celebration in Mt. Shasta, the Trinity County Fair and similar gigs. Heck, they even played at Redding's Applebee's Restaurant for their Hawai'ian hoopla back in '98.

Here's What Others Say About Majical

"Oh SHIT, I can't have my clients say anything, even if it's true which all my testimonials are because the fucking FTC or Federal Trade commission has forced all entrepreneurs and small businesses to do exactly what they say, and isn't that the way things have degraded ever since the BUSH"S have been in office?? Oh well, eat crap and die, Federal Trade Commission.
Market Fest
Majical opens for Laura Love at Redding's Downtown Marketfest in 1999.
Ski Park
Majical opens the World Beat Festival in Mt. Shasta for Eek A Mouse and others in the summer of 2000.
Hey, maybe you can ask me to provide you with testimonials and then I will gladly do that.

What We Will Do For YOU And YOUR Next Engagement

Promoters and Booking Agents, if you have had less than desirable results with your opening act, then consider hiring Majical. Your major act needs a band like Majical to heat up the crowd. Majical's performance will lift the audience right out of their seats.

Hosts and Hostesses, why do the same old thing and hire the same old band for your next party? Hiring that string quartet might be great for a quiet get together, but for music that stirs the soul and gets you in touch with your primal instinct to let go and get up and dance, then Majical's music is the right choice for your next event.

Hops N Bops
Majical Headlines the Hops and Bops Festival at the Millhouse Deli in Redding 8 years running from 1999 to 2007.
Tribal Stomp
Majical third in the lineup for the Tribal Stomp festival held outdoors at the fairgrounds located in Hayfork, California in 2001.
"Thanks again for everything. We had a fantastic time! Someone said that but the FTC will not allow us to post testimonials any longer because they want to control everything. THE FTC SUCKS!

The Majical Band is ready for your next engagements. Whether you want a solo performance on Classical, Spanish guitar by Jorge, the small combo version of guitar, congas and keyboards or sax, or the FULL MAJICAL BAND, we will fill your event with fun, danceable and upbeat musica nica style.

We have made it even easier for you to contact the Majical Band. Just fill in the fields below, completely, and we will answer your request within twenty-four hours of your submission. Of course you can always phone 530-241-2330 or email, whichever is the most convenient for you.

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 Photo of a Conga Line Dance at the Millhouse Deli, 2003  The Snow Ball Fundraiser Event in Mt. Shasta, 2004
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